What are the advantages of the video-assisted rapid antigen test?
The video-guided rapid antigen test is available with any smartphone with a camera from anywhere in the world. You are flexible in terms of time and location, no unknown testing practice abroad with queues, no unknown costs, etc. The process is completely contactless.
How much does it cost?
Click here for the current price for the video-guided quick test with certificate per person. With this you purchase our service for one-time use.
What do I get for the current price per person?
The price includes the one-time performance of the video-assisted rapid antigen test as well as the certificate at the end of the testing process.
What do I need for a video-assisted rapid antigen test?
You will need the test kits purchased on testiFly.de incl. associated codes, a smartphone with camera, a waterproof pen, a stable internet connection and registration in the TestiFly app. In addition, an approved COVID-19 antigen self-test kit and a valid identification document for each test person.
Who can use our service/which citizenships can be certified?
People with citizenships from over 150 countries can use our service. You can find a list of all verifiable citizenships here.
What are the opening and service hours?
Our service hours are daily from 08.00 - 20.00 (CET). Tests can be carried out and uploaded at any time during these hours. Our service team is also available for questions and help during this time. If you complete the test outside the service hours, you will receive the certificate later.
How long does the video-guided rapid antigen test take?
You need about 5 minutes for the identification process, the video recording of the test performance and the upload. The subsequent waiting time for the test result (approx. 15 minutes) runs in the background, you receive a reminder upon completion and submit your test result with a photo. Finally, the test procedure and test result are checked and certified by our trained staff.
Can children also be tested?
Yes, testing is offered for children just as it is for adults. You are welcome to support your child(ren). Any number of people can be tested with just one smartphone, so your children do not need their own smartphone.
Can I buy antigen self-test kits on testiFly.de?
No. On testiFly.de you only purchase the video-guided testing and certification. You can buy COVID-19 antigen self-test kits in retail stores and pharmacies. Please pay attention to the required approval.
Which Covid-19 antigen self-test kits can I use?
A current overview of all approved Covid-19 antigen self-test kits can be found here or on testifly.de. Tests which are not listed here cannot be used for video-guided testing! Furthermore, we cannot certify tests that require an oropharyngeal swab (deep throat swab through the mouth).
What happens if my test result is positive?
In case of a positive test result, we will send you a certificate of a positive test result as well as an instruction sheet with the measures to be taken.
What happens if my test result is invalid/unclear?
In the event of an invalid/unclear test result, we will send you a certificate of invalid test result and a request to book a new test appointment or visit a nearby test centre.
Can I buy multiple tests and book myself appointments later as needed?
Yes. Codes purchased at the time of purchase that have not yet been activated can be used for new test sessions at any time. Codes that have already been activated cannot be reused.
Is the certificate recognised?
Yes, our test certificate complies with the European certificate requirements and is issued in German and English. The certificate can be integrated directly from the TestiFly app into the Corona Warn app. Until the day of your journey, the legal/official requirements relevant for your journey (including the test regulations), in particular those of the respective destination country, may change. Please inform yourself in good time and on your own responsibility about any changes to the legal/official requirements (including those relating to the test regulations) for entry into the destination country. Please pay particular attention to the fact that your country of destination accepts antigen tests.
Must a separate test be made for each individual person?
Yes. Each test person for whom a test is to be carried out and a certificate created requires a separate test session. For each purchased code, a separate chat is opened in the app where the data of the person to be tested is entered. Any number of test persons can be registered and tested via the TestiFly app with just one smartphone.
What do I have to pay attention to when conducting the test?
A stable internet connection and the exact execution of the test procedure are mandatory. You must mark the test cassette with the three-digit code given to you at the beginning of the test procedure. During the video recording, the test person and the complete test kit (in particular the test cassette) must be visible without interruption. The camera must not be moved. You must also familiarise yourself with the instructions for use of your rapid test kit before carrying out the test. If the internet connection is interrupted or the test is carried out incorrectly, the test you have purchased will be forfeited. TestiFly cannot accept any responsibility for this.
Is my personal data safe?
Your data will be handled in accordance with the provisions of the Basic Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO).
You can view the corresponding privacy statements here

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TestiFly App
How do you ensure that the test is not manipulated?
Our trained personnel follow the entire testing process and ensure that the entire contents of the COVID-19 antigen self-test kit as well as the person being tested do not leave the camera view at any time. In addition, all test subjects verify their identity with a valid identification document at the beginning of the test procedure. The sequence of numbers written on the test cassette and photographed is compared before and after the test by means of image matching. In the certification phase after uploading the video, all details as well as the test result are carefully checked. In case of doubt, TestiFly reserves the right not to issue a certificate.
How do I get the test result?
The test result is certified after verification by our trained staff and stored under "My certificates" in your profile of the TestiFly app.
When do I get the certificate?
The certificate is usually issued within two hours within our service hours after transmission of the test result and verification by our staff.
Is the certificate equivalent to that from an on-site test centre?
Yes, the certified test result is equivalent to that of an on-site test centre.